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Introducing Sharon B Fuller Artist

Thrilled to be able to show more of my paintings at several locations in Maryland. Check out the Columbia Art Center to see two exhibits. Starting April 20, three paintings will be included in the eARTh exhibit at the Oakland Mills Interfaith Center Gallery 5885 Robert Oliver Place Columbia MD 21045.with a focus on sustainability.

At first I did not see the connection in my three series of paintings. I realized that they are two sides of the same issue. The ‘Challenges’ series represents the negative forces. They are primarily abstract images. There is an element of hope in this series; we are managing to hang on although by a fraying thread.

The positive side of this issue is shown in my other two series. Most in my 'National Parks' series are views of Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce Canyon and several places in Alaska. My latest series of paintings, 'Natural Impulse', explores people active in the outdoors. Our ability to both protect and use the natural landscape is an example of a path forward in the midst of climate change.

I paint in watercolor and acrylic on paper and wood panels. The space between representational and abstract images is most compelling to me. Explore the collections to see the combination of nature and creativity in my original paintings.

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April painting challenge

Each day in April I am posting a watercolor sketch portrait on Facebook and I will be adding them here, too. It is a chance for me to be a bit more experimental since they aren't finished paintings. Check back to see the updates.

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