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Introducing Sharon B Fuller Artist

Miles of walking in wild places connect me to nature. I paint people and animals in wild places. I use abstract elements in my work yet I keep the natural world at the forefront.

I paint in watercolor and acrylic on paper and wood panels. Watercolor combines luminosity with soft edges and unpredictable results. I use many layers, textural effects and collage elements with acrylic paints. The space between representational and abstract images is most compelling to me. My subject matter varies based on what I find intriguing and challenging.

I finally dove into painting after dancing around the edges of creating art. I loved art classes in school and learned the principles of art while studying landscape architecture. Having the space and time to create art now is a joy that makes it worth the focus and persistent effort it requires.

Explore the collections to see the combination of nature and creativity in my original paintings.

Something beckons me to paint a view or a person and I can't resist.

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